Fordlee : life update

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I hope you all have been having the absolute best week and so ready for the weekend!

These past couple of weeks and now months have been sort of a whirlwind. Between moving to Ohio at the end of May to now owning an adorable house in Columbus, I’m really not sure where all the time went. Through all of the craziness, this blog took a backseat. It was not intentional and I tried my hardest to keep posting on Instagram and here like normal, but my new life was anything but normal. I was used to my Atlanta routine, it sounds so silly but I was inside a bubble that allowed this blog to take life. I had close friends who were supporting my dream (taking an insane amount of photos for the blog and social posts) and events that allowed the blog to grow into a true lifestyle site. Once I moved to Columbus, my motivation for the blog slowed down and my routine was out of whack.

But let’s start at the beginning, with the big move.

I don’t really want to rehash all of the details for those of you who keep up with my posts regularly. So I will give a high level summary of everything that went down with my move from Atlanta to Columbus.

I left my job at The William Carter Company and moved to Columbus without a job (sorry Dad).  I was offered a promotional job for a golf company, so I knew I would be able to make some money when I first got into town. What I was unaware of though, was how limited the events would be and how much I would feel uncomfortable working these golf tournaments. I worked two events and had more then enough. The men at the golf tournaments spoke to me as though I was only there for their enjoyment and was not in fact an actual human. Between being called, “hotter than the other high school girls” and dealing with drunken men I was done. I would love to point out, I am not a high school girl and have not been one for about seven years now. Oh, and these men also mentioned that they had children…some of them had daughters. Gross.

The first  month that I lived in Columbus it was almost impossible to create content for my blog or Instagram. Since Instagram is the largest way I have been able to form collaborations with companies, I was freaking out. Aaron worked crazy hours the first month, and I only knew a handful of people. All of who worked and lived about thirty mins from where I was… I kind of gave up. My content was weak, I was stressed with having no job, no companies wanted to collaborate, no one was interested in my (reposted/reused pretty lame) outfits and I was discouraged. But you can bet I did not tell anyone how confused and overwhelmed I was feeling. This had been my decision to move to Ohio and if these were my new circumstances then I needed to suck it up.

Thank goodness I was offered a job as a Creative Marketing Specialist about three weeks after relocating to Columbus. This was the perfect opportunity to continue my love for social media, blogging and content creation.


**I’ll put a self promoting plug, because if you’re still reading then you don’t think I’ve become annoying yet** 

If you know of anyone (doesn’t have to be Ohio, could be seriously anywhere) who is looking for someone to handle their company’s blog, brand image or social media accounts please send them my way, or vice versa! I am always looking for additional opportunities and truly love creating content for all types of businesses.

Now back to your regularly scheduled content. 


Exactly one month from moving to Ohio, I was closing on a house in German Village. Hello, psycho Emily status. Why did I think this was a normal way of going about life? Oh who knows, but y’all, this house is perfect and I’ve never been so thankful to live somewhere before. If you’re interested in reading more about the house journey and everything that is still taking place check out the house posts here.

So within one month I started a new job, moved into a new house, had issues at the BMV, 2 emotional breakdowns and then left for a trip to Mexico with my parents and Aaron. 

I’ve learned something about myself, I really love and thrive when there are a million things going on at once. Is this normal or healthy? No. Do I create the best content and feel insanely motivated? Yes.

It has truly been a crazy 50 days since moving to Ohio. So many ups and so many downs have taken place. I’m ready for a little quiet and calm, and to settle into our new home.  In typical “Emily style” I have three more trips before the middle of September, have to keep it interesting right?

Through everything, I am genuinely so happy for my new life in Columbus. Just like everything, there will be an adjustment period. I’m still trying to figure out the best place to buy flowers and what my normal everyday routine is. But everyday I am reminded that this is where I want to be and where I am happy to be. And that is hands down the best feeling.





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